Thursday, January 20, 2005

A little Alice in Wonderland sculptural project for funsies...

A coworker returned from a trip to Disneyland, and was SOOOO excited about his new Mad Hatter mug.  As he went to get his first cup of tea in it, he ran into the metal edge of a cubicle wall, and I heard a loud shatter and a gasp.  My boss bellowed from her office "give that shiz to Cayenne -- she'll fix it."

After putting in about 30 hours of work on it I DID, in fact, "fix" it...though nobody will be drinking tea from it this lifetime. I learned about the concept of "wabi-sabi,"around this time, so used gold mica along the broken bits of the mug. It's a beautiful concept -- do research it if you're unfamiliar....

Original sad little broken mug:
The grand tackifcation. Of course, I HAD to make it quasi-useful, so the chess pieces I added can theoretically function as incense stick holders.

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